Howl Can Be! Chopsticks’ 2017 Halloween Bash!

Howl Can Be! Chopsticks’ 2017 Halloween Bash!

Karaoke can be scary enough, but throw clowns, ghosts and ghouls into the mix, you’re guaranteed a frighteningly good time.

Now that the bad puns are out of the way…..

This weekend, starting the 27th up through All Hallow’s Eve, we’ll be dressed up and open for all your weekend and Halloween karaoke and dancing wants and dreams.

The Halloween Bash is officially on Saturday. Carleigh, Erinn, Linja and Joe will be serving up drink specials all night while KJ Danny keeps the karaoke and dance party happening.

As always, there’s no cover. Just fun, singing and dancing until your bones can’t take it any more.

Is there a cover?
Uh…no. Never a cover.

Can I wear a mask?
Sure. Just remember that this is a bar, so you need and must be able to take it off at staff request, particularly for ID and age verification, and at anytime any staff member asks you to. Zero tolerance policy for not complying to staff requests, especially if you’re being a creeper with your mask. We’re grown ups, darn it.

Is there a costume contest?
No official one. We don’t do the whole “$500 Best Costume” contest that some other bars do. We’d rather focus on fun, singing and dancing. That being said, there will be a couple mini contests as BarFly comes through with their buses, where SWAG and Chopsticks t-shirts will be gifted to winners.

How do I get on the wall?
This is your chance! David Chow will be out and about, taking photos and hanging out.

Are you serving food?
Sweet gentle skeleton in a cauldron. Yes. Of course. We’re a bar, in Oregon. We’re cooking full menu up until last call.

Plus its Chinese fast food, so you know you’re going to be hungry again 2 hours after eating. Of course we’ll feed you!

What are your drink specials?
That is up to our Head Bartender and David on the night of the 28th. A deal on Tall Boys, a deal on cocktails, and probably shots too. Carleigh and David will have you covered.

How long is the karaoke wait?
Since we cancelled our subscription to “Psychic Friends Network” and Dion Warwick quit returning our calls (Thanks Dion), we can’t say for sure. But plan on a line, plan to have fun and interact with other singers, plan to dance, plan to chat. Arrive early to get in fastest and to minimize wait time.

If you’re expecting a 45 minute rock block of you singing repeatedly, well, this might not be the night for Chopsticks, and you might want to look into a private karaoke room setup.

When does karaoke start?”
8:00pm. Goes until 2:30am.